Integration point data investigation

The tool ipDataToPointCloud converts an input mesh with OGS’s integration point data to a point cloud whose nodes are the integration points of the input mesh.


ipDataToPointCloud -i <path> -o <path>


Invoking the tool on a mixed element test mesh we can create the following visualization in ParaView:

visualization of a mixed mesh and point cloud

On the right we see the extrapolated strain magnitude (nodal data, epsilon) visualized on the input mesh. Due to extrapolation and averaging artefacts, this data can be distorted very much. In this example it looks OK.

The input mesh also contains the corresponding integration point data (VTU field data, epsilon_ip), which are the raw data used in OGS’s equation system assembly without output related artefacts. Unfortunately, ParaView and other tools do not have a good support for the visualization of such field data. In order to visualize the data and provide integration point coordinates, the tool ipDataToPointCloud can be used. Its result is visualized on the left (nodes) together with a wireframe representation of the input mesh.

This article was written by Christoph Lehmann. If you are missing something or you find an error please let us know.
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