Visual Studio out-of-heap or stackoverflow errors

The compilation especially of the processes in Release-config can be very memory hungry. Using dynamic Eigen shape matrices can reduce memory usage:


You should also have at least 8 GB of RAM and even this can be not enough when compiling on multiple cores (which is the default). To build on only one core run the following in your build-directory:

cmake --build . --config Release -j 1

If this still fails you can disable building of the failing processes, e.g.:

``` cmake . -DOGS_BUILD_PROCESS_HT=OFF cmake –build . –config Release -j 1

If you get some error during build which mentions cotire or *.prefix.hxx.gch you can try to clean the pre-compiled headers with:

This may occur after updating the compiler or system libraries. Related to configurations with OGS_USE_PCH=ON only.


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