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Here you can find the latest version of OpenGeoSys. But be warned: although this version was successfully tested by the continuous integration system it may be unstable or incomplete...


Downloads for the current development version of OpenGeoSys can be found on our continuous integration system:

Latest successful Jenkins Build with Downloads

Current Release: OpenGeoSys 6.2.1

Released on Tuesday, Aug 13, 2019, GitHub release


New processes

  • A thermo-hydro-mechanical (THM) process, monolithic implementation for Newton non-linear solver. #2446

Other process’ changes

  • Non-equilibrium initial state in the small deformation, HM, and TM processes. #2501, #2561, and #2544
  • A reactive transport process, integrated IPhreeqc Module 3.5.0 for reactive transport modeling. #2494, #2512
  • Fix velocity output in HM. #2507
  • Store process’ names in the Process class instead of an outside map. #2534
  • Generalize permeability models for the fracture flow in LIE/HM:
    • CubicLaw (just generalization). #2542
    • ConstantPermeability. #2543
  • Add simple mass lumping to the RichardsMechanics. #2590



  • new TimeDependentHeterogeneousParameter. #2588 Feature can be used for time dependent heterogeneous boundary condition or source term specification.

Boundary condition

Source term

Input and output

  • HT process: Use MaterialPropertyLibrary for solid phase properties, too. This makes it necessary to changed the project files. #2487
  • Reactive transport process: Output time-series amounts of kinetic reactants and equilibrium phases defined under the subtree of chemical system. #2564

Material models

  • Orthotropic elasticity model. #2428
  • Dupuit permeability relation. #2330

File I/O

  • Gocad TSurface reader has been added #2547
  • Gocad PLine reader has been added #2586

Testing and documentation

New tools

  • GocadTSurfaceReader command line utility #2547/#2586

New tools and CLI usage

  • Add switch multiple-nodes-allowed to tool constructMeshesFromGeometry, #2459
  • Add option to vtkdiff tool to compare meshes using absolute tolerances and connectivity, #2485
  • Scalar arrays are copied when using the ExtractSurface-tool, #2492

Data Explorer

  • Mesh to shape export is now writing all cell-based scalar arrays to the DBF-file, #2436
  • Added support of world files to georeference arbitrary raster files, #2460
  • Scalar arrays are copied when extracting mesh surfaces, #2492
  • Gocad TSurfaces can be imported into Data Explorer #2547
  • Gocad PLines can be imported into Data Explorer #2586

Other notable code changes

  • Conversion to linear mesh is now independent of node numbering. #2519

Development workflows



  • Added web link checker, #2572
  • Reordered Jenkins pipeline for better concurrency, #2560
  • Updated Docker base images to Ubuntu 18.04, #2493
  • Migrated from envinf1 to frontend2, #2440
  • Conan: Use lower-case package names for qt, vtk and shapelib, #2450, #2573

CMake options changes

  • Bumbed miniumum CMake version to 3.12, #2597
  • Added option OGS_CONAN_BUILD_TYPE to overwrite Conan build type, #2577

Web / Docs

Version info

  • CMake minimum 3.12
  • VTK minimum 8.2

Older releases

We also provide binaries for OpenGeoSys-5!

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