OpenGeoSys 6.3.0

Released on Wednesday, Mar 11, 2020, GitHub release


Note: When using Python bindings make sure to have Python installed on your system:

In this release the Material Property Library is significantly enriched with new constitutive relations and gets wide use in the processes.

Other significant changes are:


Process’ changes

  • Richards mechanics process now correctly computes porosity changes in presence of swelling. #2825
  • HydroMechanics process has now the option to use mass lumping. #2826
  • HydroMechanics process now uses permeability in tensor form with corresponding output. #2848
  • Reactive transport process has a mesh tag for restricting the place where chemical reactions take place within a specified subdomain. #2851


  • Pass x_dot to processes’ assemble functions. Used by rate-dependent material models. #2795
  • triangular elements with 7 integration points (order 4). #2798

Input and output

  • Output of surface fluxes (for 2D and 3D bulk domains) for balance computations is now available for LiquidFlow process. #2760
  • Compute and output element-average porosity in RichardsMechanics process. #2803
  • Output of fixed time when using IterationBasedTimeStepping is now available. #2831

Material models

  • Enable orthotropy in MFront solid material model interface. #2774
  • Enable shared medium definition for multiple materials. #2786
  • Implement van Genuchten saturation and relative permeability models in MPL. #2788
  • Convert processes to use MPL for the fluid and porous media models:
  • Pass time increment dt to the material models. #2801
  • Add initialValue(x, t) for material properties. #2804
  • Implement mass balance porosity, used in RichardsMechanics. #2804, #2829
  • Orthotropic permeability power law, used in RichardsMechanics. #2813
  • Implement saturation dependent swelling, used in RichardsMechanics. #2819, #2832
  • Bishop’s effective stress models; power law and saturation cutoff, used in RichardsMechanics. #2823

File I/O

Testing and documentation

  • A new test verifies the correct conversion from PropertyType enum to string and back. #2770

New tools

  • ExtractEntireSurface: The tool extracts either lines in case of a 2D bulk mesh as input or quads/triangles in case of a 3D bulk mesh as input. #2764


  • Added a Code of Conduct. #2834

CMake options changes

  • Added version requirements file in json-format to have a single source used by CMake and the web site generator. #2783

Version info