OpenGeoSys 6.3.2

Released on Friday, Jul 17, 2020, GitLab release


Note: When using Python bindings make sure to have Python installed on your system:


We have migrated to GitLab (issue 2947 on GitHub)! See GitLab migration guide.

The source code license was slightly modified, PR 2977 on GitHub!


Process’ changes

  • Reactive transport process: perform chemical calculation on the integration points !3017, !3018, !3019
  • HeatConduction; Add Newton assembly and mass lumping. Results of the mass-lumping are discussed on the benchmarks web page. !3045


  • Implementation of primary variable constraint Dirichlet-type boundary condition !3014
  • Add the PETSc-SNES non-linear solver to possible list of solvers. This is still experimental feature. !3049

New tools

  • Rename AddTopLayer to AddLayer (tool can also add bottom layer) !3015


Version info

  • tfel-3.3.0