OpenGeoSys 6.3.2

Released on Friday, Jul 17, 2020, GitLab release


We have migrated to GitLab (issue 2947 on GitHub)! See GitLab migration guide.

The source code license was slightly modified, PR 2977 on GitHub!


Process’ changes

  • Reactive transport process: perform chemical calculation on the integration points !3017, !3018, !3019
  • HeatConduction; Add Newton assembly and mass lumping. Results of the mass-lumping are discussed on the benchmarks web page. !3045


  • Implementation of primary variable constraint Dirichlet-type boundary condition !3014
  • Add the PETSc-SNES non-linear solver to possible list of solvers. This is still experimental feature. !3049

New tools

  • Rename AddTopLayer to AddLayer (tool can also add bottom layer) !3015


Version info

  • tfel-3.3.0