Running OGS in a container

With Singularity


  • Linux or macOS (you may run Singularity with Vagrant on Windows as well)
  • A running installation of Singularity 3.0 or higher

Get a container image

Download a release image

Simply download an image from the releases page.

Create custom image with ogs-container-maker

Build images with ogs-container-maker on Jenkins (login required, ask Lars Bilke for access):

It will build all combinations of format, openmpi_versions and pm. When the build finishes you can download the container (*.sif files) at the jobs page under Build Artifacts.

Run OGS inside a Container (called from outside)

This starts the container, mounts your home directory inside the container, passes the current working directory and runs the ogs executable (which is in your home directory which is mounted inside the container) with the passed project file. Everything works as expected and is transparent to the user. When ogs finishes the container stops and you returns to the host system.

You can run other contained executables, e.g. vtkdiff:

You can interactively explore the container with singularity shell (you can see that you are in the container because of the Singularity [container image file]:...> prefix of the shell):

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