OpenGeoSys 6.1.0

Released on Wednesday, Mar 20, 2019, GitHub release

The following notable changes and new features were implemented between OpenGeoSys 6.0.8 and 6.1.0:


New processes:

Other process' changes:

Material model changes

Testing and documentation:


  • Fully moved to Conan for automatic third-party library handling. Can be enabled with OGS_USE_CONAN=ON, see docs. #1907
  • Conan version 1.0 is now required.
  • Dropped travis CI environment and added few new tests on Jenkins because of simpler maintenance.

CMake options changes:

  • OGS_EIGEN_DYNAMIC_SHAPE_MATRICES defaults to OFF on Release config, ON otherwise. Can be overridden by explicitly setting the option. #1673
  • New OGS_EIGEN_INITIALIZE_MATRICES_BY_NAN defaults to ON for easier spotting of non-initialized matrices. When OFF, the Eigen’s default initialization to 0 is skipped resulting in slightly faster execution.
  • Set default Eigen’s cmake flag disabling vectorization since this lead to several problems in different environments. and the issue linked there


  • PETSc config is tested on Jenkins (envinf1)
  • OGS binaries are provided as eve / envinf1 modules. See docs for details. #1753
  • Migrated Data Explorer to Qt5. #1622, #1625
  • Windows builds are tested on MSVC 2017 on own hardware and on MS