Publish a release

Publication procedure

  • Copy changelog from Wiki to new page
  • Replace #([0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9]) with [#$1]($1) (e.g.┬áin VS Code)
  • Tag the release commit as an annotated tag (git tag -a 6.0.8 -m "OpenGeoSys Release 6.0.8")
  • Create a new release on GitHub
  • Fill in the release notes from the Wiki
  • Start the ufz/master Jenkins job manually and check that it ran successfully! (Do not push to master until job ran successfully!)
  • Copy release binaries from Jenkins job to GitHub release page
  • Create and copy container images to GitHub release page
  • Update web release page with generated artifacts
  • Check new Zenodo release
  • Create a discourse announcement post


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