Publish a release

Publication procedure

  • Update merge request template to point to a new changelog wiki page
  • Update to point to new GitLab release
  • Create new web release page with generated artifact names and changelog (convert MR ids to urls: replace !([0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9]) with [!$1]($1) and #([0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9]) with [#$1]($1))
  • Add a link to the (upcoming) Doxygen documentation for this tag in Documentation/ (with v-prefix)
  • Update [docs-release]-link in to the new tag (with v-prefix)
  • Add a redirect in scripts/doc/_redirects
  • Create a tag and push
  • A new release is automatically created on GitLab
    • Fill in the release notes from the Wiki
  • Copy release binaries and container images from CI job to Azure OGS storage to a subdirectory containing the tag name at
  • Create a release on GitHub mirror (ufz/ogs)
  • Check if a Zenodo release is automatically issued
  • Issue a scan on Software Heritage Archive
  • Create bugfix branch
    • Create new netlify site (in an empty directory)
      • netlify init
      • # [ENTER]
      • # ogs-doxygen-v6-3-3
    • Create branch from master with name v[TAG] and push
  • Create a discourse announcement post

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