Configuration options

CMake options

Some of these options are enabled by default ("Defaults to ON") otherwise they must be explicitly set to ON.


CMake switches to enable / disable parts of OGS.

  • OGS_BUILD_CLI - Builds the simulator. Defaults to ON. If set to OFF all processes are also disabled (see variable OGS_BUILD_PROCESSES below).
  • OGS_BUILD_GUI - Builds the Data Explorer. Defaults to OFF.
  • OGS_BUILD_TESTING - Builds the test executables. Defaults to ON.
  • OGS_BUILD_UTILS - Builds several utilities.
  • OGS_BUILD_PROCESS_X - For enabling/disabling compilation of process X. Run the CMake-GUI / ccmake to see a list of processes.
  • OGS_BUILD_PROCESSES - A ;-separated list specifying processes to build, e.g. -DOGS_BUILD_PROCESSES="HT;LIE". Can be set to ON which means all processes are built or can be set to OFF to disable all processes. Attention: Setting this variable overrides individual OGS_BUILD_PROCESS_X-variables! This option is mainly used for CI and automation. Also the value of this variable is not cached.


  • CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE - Defaults to Debug which builds with debugging information, set to Release for an optimized build.
  • OGS_PROFILE - Builds with profiling flags (-pg).
  • OGS_CMAKE_DEBUG - Prints out the values of all defined CMake variables at CMake configuration time.


  • CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE - Set to Release to build with optimization flags, set to Debug for debugging.


  • OGS_COVERAGE - Enables code coverage measurements with gcov / lcov. TODO

Advanced options

  • OGS_CXX_FLAGS - Appends user-given compiler flags. Note that existing (CMake-given) flags are not replaced.
  • OGS_PACKAGE_ADDITIONAL_BINARIES - Package additional binaries (given as a ;-separated list with relative paths to CMAKE_BINARY_DIR) into redistributables. Is used for bundling the OGS File Converter with the Data Explorer.
  • OGS_CPU_ARCHITECTURE - Optimizes for the given CPU architecture see -march-flag. Defaults to native. For redistributable binaries set to generic on Linux and core2 on Mac OS. Can be disabled when set to OFF.
  • CMAKE_LIBRARY_SEARCH_PATH - Additional library installation path, e.g. /opt/local or C:/libs
  • OGS_DEPENDENCY_VERSIONS - Overwrite individual entries in web/data/versions.json. Should be quoted and ;-separated, e.g.: -DOGS_DEPENDENCY_VERSIONS="minimum_version.petsc=3.16.2;ctest.large_runtime=120".
  • OGS_USE_MKL - Enables MKL support. Requires MKL to be installed on the system.1 A CMake or environment variable MKLROOT or MKL_DIR has to point to the MKL installation directory. To enable 64-bit array indices in MKL add -DMKL_USE_interface=ilp64 on the first CMake run (with a clean CMake cache) but this seems not supported by Eigen.
  • OGS_USE_PETSC_MKL_EIGEN_OPENMP - Also enables OpenMP multithreading when PETSc and MKL is used. This pulls in another OpenMP implementation besides the Intel MKL OpenMP. Experimental feature!

  1. The mkl_link_tool (part of the MKL installation) is used for setting up necessary compiler flags. It is a 32-bit executable. On Arch Linux you need to enable the multilib-repository and then install the package lib32-gcc-libs (otherwise you may get this error when trying to run it: mkl_link_tool: No such file or directory) On other Linux distributions you have to install the package lib32stdc++6 (Ubuntu / Debian) or libstdc++.i686 (yum-based)! On Windows please also install the Intel oneAPI Threading Building Blocks during installation! ↩︎

This article was written by Lars Bilke. If you are missing something or you find an error please let us know.
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