Using a compiler cache


A compiler cache speeds up compilation times by caching object files and reusing them on subsequent builds. This even works for complete rebuilds (i.e. deleting the full build-directory). The compiler cache Ccache is automatically used when it is found by CMake.

Install it with your package manager, e.g.:

sudo apt install ccache

Usage on eve

Just load the module:

module load /global/apps/modulefiles/ccache/3.3.3
brew install ccache

Windows support in ccache is not yet in the main ccache development line. Please install ccache.

Just extract the archive and put the ccache.exe into the PATH.

You may want to change the cache directory (environment variable CCACHE_DIR) or increase the cache size (e.g. ccache -M 10G or CCACHE_MAXSIZE). See the ccache docs for configuration instructions.

You can check cache hit statistics with ccache -s.

To disable caching:


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