Using a compiler cache


A compiler cache speeds up compilation times by caching object files and reusing them on subsequent builds. This even works for complete rebuilds (i.e. deleting the full build-directory). The compiler cache Ccache is automatically used when it is found by CMake.

Install it with your package manager, e.g.:

sudo apt install ccache

Usage on eve

Just load the module:

module load /global/apps/modulefiles/ccache/3.3.3
brew install ccache

Download the Windows x86_64 (binary release).

Just extract the archive and put the ccache.exe into the PATH.

You may want to change the cache directory (environment variable CCACHE_DIR) or increase the cache size (e.g. run ccache -M 10G once or set the environment variable CCACHE_MAXSIZE). See the Ccache docs for configuration instructions.

You can check cache hit statistics with ccache -s.

To disable caching:


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