Transport and Cation Exchange


This benchmark simulates the chemical composition of the effluent from a column containing a cation exchanger (Example 11 in the PHREEQC 3 documentation). The following setup is used for the simulation:

Model setup for the simulation of the column with a cation exchanger in OGS6.

Full details of the model setup and parameters are given in the PHREEQC3 example (consulted MAY-2021):

The benchmark uses the ComponentTransport process in OGS-6 coupled with the IPhreeqc software (Parkhurst et al. 2013). The results show good agreement between codes. More details about the implementation of the ComponentTransport process in OGS-6 can be found in HC-Process.pdf.

Comparison between PHREEQC and OGS6 of simulated concentrations of solutes at time = 18,000 s reacting with an exchanger.


Parkhurst, D.L., Appelo, C.A.J., 2013. Description of Input and Examples for PHREEQC Version 3 - a Computer Program for Speciation, Batch-reaction, One-dimensional Transport, and Inverse Geochemical Calculations.

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