Get the source code

This page describes how to get the source code as a simple download or git clone. The information on the forking workflow with git has been moved to the Development workflows-section.

Clone the source code repository with Git

First you need to get the clone URL:

Getting the git clone URL from the GitLab web interface

Then clone the repository with git:

git clone --filter=blob:limit=100k

The --filter=blob:limit=100k-parameter instructs git to only fetch files which are smaller than 100 Kilobyte. Larger files (e.g. benchmark files, images, PDFs) are fetched on-demand only. This happens automatically and is a replacement for the previous Git LFS tracked files. Requires at least git 2.22!

This article was written by Lars Bilke. If you are missing something or you find an error please let us know.
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