Code Reviews

Once you have submitted a merge request the code review process kicks in which can be summarized as:

  • A core developer picks your MR for review.
  • The core developer checks your code in respect to e.g. style and correctness.
  • The core developer may also give hints on how to improve the code regarding to e.g. readability or performance.
  • You iterate (make modifications) on the code.
  • The core developer again checks the code and finally approves the changes.
  • If also the CI is happy (all checks and tests did pass) the MR is merged.

For more information on merge requests see the GitLab documentation.

How to request a code review

To request a code review set the merge request label to workflow::please review!

If you do not want a reviewer to have a look, e.g. because you are currently working on the MR you can set the merge request label to workflow::in development or workflow::paused (disables CI).

How to indicate that the MR is ready for merge

  • Set the merge request label to workflow::please review
  • Remove the Draft-flag (if you have set it previously)

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