Saturated Variable-Density Flow and Mass Transport (Goswami)


This benchmark features an Henry-like variable-density flow and transport setup that evaluates saltwater intrusion on laboratory scale. The original benchmark was published by Goswami & Clement (2007); OpenGeoSys5 has been verified for all steady and transient states of the original benchmark (see Kolditz et al., 2012).

For the setup and parameterization, see the chapter “Density dependent flow - The Goswami Problem” in Kolditz et al. (2012).

Problem description

The Goswami-Clement benchmark is based on experiment observations for intruding and receding saltwater in a laboratory-scale sand tank. Here, we compare numerical results of OGS-6 to the original observation data.

Model results

An example for the intruding salt front is shown below. The numerical results of OGS-6 coincide with those of OGS-5.