Saturated Variable-Density Flow and Mass Transport (Goswami)

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This benchmark features an Henry-like variable-density flow and transport setup that evaluates saltwater intrusion on laboratory scale. The original benchmark was published by Goswami & Clement (2007); OpenGeoSys5 has been verified for all steady and transient states of the original benchmark (see Kolditz et al., 2012).

For the setup and parameterization, see the chapter “Density dependent flow - The Goswami Problem” in Kolditz et al. (2012).

Problem description

The Goswami-Clement benchmark is based on experiment observations for intruding and receding saltwater in a laboratory-scale sand tank. Here, we compare numerical results of ogs6 to the original observation data.

Model results

An example for the intruding salt front is shown below. The numerical results of OGS-6 coincide with those of OGS-5.