Constitutive relations

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Linear Elastic Isotropic

Linear Elastic Orthotropic



This section only describes how to use an MFront constitutive relation inside of the project file. For details on how to create such a constitutive relation, please see MFront section.

In the project file, MFront model has to be selected as constitutive model in <process> </process> tag. See following example:

<constitutive_relation id="0">
        <material_property name="MatPropName" parameter="ParameterName"/>

In this example ModelName has to match one of the MFront files in the OpenGeoSys source code. Attribute “name” defines name of one of the material properties in the MFront file (see next section for details on how to add new model). The value of “parameter” attribute in <material_property/> has to match one of the content of tag <name> </name> in one of the parameters block. For example:


Tag <material_properties> </material_properties> can be used as many times as it is necessary.

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