This is a utility for handling TecPlot data. At the moment, it is possible to split a file containing n time steps into n files contain one time step each, or to convert TecPlot raster data into OGS meshes. All data available for the raster will be converted into cell arrays for the OGS mesh.

This tool may be extended in the future to handle more TecPlot-related functionality.


   TecPlotTools -i <string> [-o <string>] [-c] [-s]


   -i <string>,  --input-file <string>
     (required)  TecPlot input file

   -o <string>,  --output-file <string>
     output mesh file

   -c,  --convert
     convert TecPlot data into OGS meshes

   -s,  --split
     split time steps into separate files

Simple example


TecPlotTools -i Lake.plt -o Lake.vtu -c


TecPlot-Header of file containing raster data


Converted file
Converted file visualised in ParaView with all scalar data available.

This article was written by Karsten Rink. If you are missing something or you find an error please let us know.
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