Something went wrong during CMake run

When CMake is run Conan will download library packages. You can see under Requirements in the CMake output from where the packages will be downloaded. Most packages will come from ogs:

$ cmake ../ogs
-- Conan executing: conan install . -g cmake -s build_type=Release -s os=Macos -s compiler=apple-clang -s compiler.version=9.0 -s compiler.libcxx=libc++ --build=missing --update
PROJECT: Installing /Users/bilke/code/ogs6/build-n/conanfile.txt
    Boost/1.64.0@conan/stable from conan-community
    Eigen3/3.2.9@bilke/stable from ogs
    Qt/5.9.2@osechet/stable from ogs
    Shapelib/1.3.0@bilke/stable from ogs
    VTK/7.1.0@bilke/stable from ogs
    libgeotiff/1.4.2@bilke/stable from ogs
    libtiff/4.0.6@bilke/stable from ogs
    proj/4.9.2@bilke/stable from ogs
    zlib/1.2.11@conan/stable from conan-center

You can always delete the Conan cache directory in $HOME/.conan to start fresh. This can fix errors.

ERROR: Invalid setting ‘X’ is not a valid ‘settings.compiler.version’ value

In ~/.conan/settings.yml it is defined which compiler versions are supported by Conan on your machine. Unfortunately (and this is also a bit inconvenient) this file is not updated automatically when upgrading Conan. Three possible ways to fix it:

  • add the missing value to the file by yourself
  • simply delete the file, Conan will re-create it on the next run (easiest method)
  • when upgrading Conan it creates a file ~/.conan/ or similar which you can just rename to ~/.conan/settings.yml

See also:

ERROR: Error in system requirements

When your cmake-run output looks similar to this:

$ cmake ..
Running: sudo -A yum update -y
sudo: no askpass program specified, try setting SUDO_ASKPASS
ERROR: Error in system requirements

Please run sudo -v before your cmake-command. This will ask you for your password to let Conan install some system packages during the cmake-run.

Something went wrong during building

On Ubuntu always use the system default gcc version! Otherwise if you use a newer compiler than the default you may end up using incompatible Conan packages. E.g. when you use gcc 6 on Ubuntu 16.04 (where gcc 5 is the default) Conan uses packages which are built on Ubuntu 17.10 (where gcc 6 is the default). Ubuntu 17.10 uses a newer glibc library (2.25) which is incompatible to the glibc library on Ubuntu 16.04 (2.23).

In this case you would get linker errors with the Conan VTK library:

error: undefined reference to `getrandom'
.../expat/vtkexpat/lib/xmlparse.c 694

If you still want to use your OS / compiler combination you can build the VTK Conan package on your machine. Run this one time:

cmake . -DOGS_CONAN_BUILD=vtk

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