Working on Eve


Members of the Department Environmental Informatics of the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ can use the frontend1- and frontend2-machines from the Eve cluster system.

You need to opt-in to use the EasyBuild modules! To do so follow these steps:

  • Login to frontend1 or frontend2
  • Run touch ~/.easybuild-yes
  • exit and re-login

Also on eve the installed git module (2.10) is over 2 years old and we recommend using a newer module (especially when you have problems with fetching or checking out of Git LFS files):

Build OGS-6

Load required modules by sourcing the environment script:

Then do the build configuration and build the project.

Optional steps

Install and use Conan

Follow the instructions on using Python’s virtualenv on the Eve-wiki for setting up a local Python environment. Then you can pip install conan and use Conan.

Additional Features

Generating Doxygen documentation:

You can build with Ninja:

Build OGS-5

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