GitLab is a web-based Git repository manager similar to GitHub. GitLab can be self-hosted and we do just that with For the moment all OGS repositories are still hosted at but we store benchmark data files on our own GitLab because of storage limits on GitHub.

Setup an account

  • Creating a GitLab account can be done by simply using your existing GitHub account: click the GitHub logo (octocat) on the Gitlab sign-in page
    • You will be redirected to GitHub (please login there) and asked for authorization.
    • Your new user account will be blocked at first, please let us know we will unblock it

Setup a password for cloning over https

To clone a repository via https://-protocol you need to set up an account password and use this during git clone https://....

Upload a SSH key for cloning over SSH

To clone a repository via SSH-protocol (git clone git@gitlab...) you need to upload your SSH pubic key.


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