BGRa creep model: Verification examples by Vogel,Maßmann

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These benchmark examples test the implementation of the BGRa creep law with analytical solutions presented by Vogel/Massmann.

A detailed descritption can be found in the ogs Benchmark books. The following table links the ogs problem descriptions with its corresponding chapters in the benchmark books.

Benchmark name Book/Chapter
Kolditz et al. 2015
m2_1Drelax 2.4.4
m2_1Dcreep 2.4.5
m2_1D1bt 2.4.6
m2_1D2bt 2.4.7
Kolditz et al. 2016
m2_1Dlozenge 4.2.1
m2_1Dlozengebt 4.2.2
m2_2Dload 4.2.3
m2_2Dload_ym45 4.2.3, but rotated around y-axis by -45 deg.
m2_2Dloadbt 4.2.4
m2_3Dload 4.2.5
m2_3Dloadbt 4.2.6

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